Energy Efficiency Consultants

Create more energy efficient solutions and demonstrate their positive impact

carbonTRACK enables 'behind the meter' visibility into your clients' energy environment and can quickly, in real time, demonstrate the positive impact of the initiatives you implemented. Your clients will enjoy advanced remote control of their energy set up and connected equipment via the carbonTRACK App or User Interface. You can use carbonTRACK's Fleet Management facility to manage all your clients on an aggregated or disaggregated view. You'll be able to set alarms, multiple schedules and control multiple client sites using one platform.

Use real-time data to validate your recommendations

Convincing business leaders or building managers of the financial benefits of efficiency upgrades can sometimes be a challenge. Using real-time data to validate these proposed upgrades makes it easier. carbonTRACK provides evidence that demonstrates the value of your initiatives. Predict, then track financial savings of efficiency improvements and produce detailed energy reports at the touch of a button. Clients can even track these in real-time via carbonTRACK's App or UI.

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Deliver unparalleled energy control

Empower your clients to manage their energy so as to avoid bill shock. carbonTRACK combines actual usage tracking with sophisticated algorithms to predict an energy user’s demand. Control mechanisms are delivered via the carbonTRACK App or UI. carbonTRACK's Peak Load Management capability can prevent customers from triggering surge load tariffs. The technology uses 'pre-real time' control to throttle down non-essential loads and/or discharge batteries before the surge threshold is reached. carbonTRACK balances the source and load.

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The power of data

Comprehensive insights, and a detailed customer energy profile, help you to identify opportunities for improvement and demonstrate their positive impact.

Empower your customers with detailed insights

carbonTRACK's UI dashboard and App provide detailed 'behind the meter' insights on your customers' energy use and allows you to quickly identify opportunities for improvement. It assists you in identifying usage patterns and you can 'zero-in' on energy draining equipment. Your customers can access their own data while you can see energy information by clients by sites or in an aggregated format. You will be able to compare the result of various locations to assess energy-saving initiatives.

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