The problem

Over the weekend ABC released an article by Daniel Mercer detailing how the Western Australian energy grid is in jeopardy due to the uptake of solar power.
- Read original article here: The rise of solar power is jeopardising the WA energy grid

The big problem highlighted within the article is that the sun shines quite often in WA and the solar being generated - if not used - is being exported to the grid. This isn't an issue for the individual energy consumer just yet, however, if the majority of the population is exporting at the same time, the current grid infrastructure will be inundated and risk widespread grid system failure.

With the potential crisis looming, the WA Government is on the front foot and has appointed an 'energy transformation taskforce' in a bid to find a solution and help transition to a future proof grid stability. 

A solution

carbonTRACK technology can solve these issues, whilst benefiting energy consumers.

carbonTRACK is an energy management platform that can allow real-time visibility around grid consumption, generations and storage. It enables energy consumers to have the ability to monitor, control and optimise what energy they use, store and share what they don't. The system operator managing the grid will gain a fleet view and control over connected units and be able to manage solar exports to avoid overloading the grid.
When the WA Government chooses to invest in grid-scale batteries, carbonTRACK can provide insight and management, this also includes the ability to automate the charge and discharge depending on the supply and demand needs of the grid.

carbonTRACK is already being used to create energy-efficient homes, businesses, virtual power plants (VPP) and councils around the world. 
Read our case studies here:

Please share this article with Western Australia and together let's solve the future grid crisis before its an issue.  

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