Drawing of sustainable school


Written by Josh (13yrs)

Illustrated by Olivia (10 yrs)

As a thirteen year old I really hope that students, parents and teachers get along with schools using renewable energy because I want myself and everyone else to have a happy healthy future. I say this because more people are using renewable energy every day and because our world is changing fast, we need to stop using fossil fuels.

Renewable energy will change our future. This is because if we keep using fossil fuels the world will basically in the future “get sick” and make the world uninhabitable before it should. If we use renewable energy that is the cure for the world “get sick” it will stop polluting. When we stop polluting more fresh air will come back and the layers in space around earth will stop burning and we won’t lose oxygen to burning o-zone layer.

Fossil fuels are terrible! I say this because it causes pollution which is toxic to our world. Pollution is caused by simple things like petrol, diesel and creating luxury hotels you love staying in. But that hotel room you love, may be a part of why our world will die before it should. When you drive you don’t know it but your killing our planet and future kids will never live. Just know always you could be doing something that is killing our planet.

Renewable energy is great. Because it will keep our world going for longer than if we used fossil fuels. Renewable energy is a lot of things which include of hydro, solar, wind, thermal and wave generations. All these elements create energy without hurting or killing our environment. From 2020-2024 more than a majority with have renewable energy. (The bit that don’t have it are 3rd world countries)

This company (Carbon Track) will change the future. If you leave an appliance on at home and you like saving energy this device will help you, you could be hot and don’t have the air-conditioner on you can turn it on before you get home so it’s cool and you don’t have to wait.

Drawing of school backyard with pigs, trees and a veggie garden.

Schools need to start using renewable energy because schools use a lot of energy and a lot of schools use fossil fuels which is obviously bad for the environment. Even though a school is a wonderful place for learning and have a lot of equipment they use fossil fuels. If schools changed to use solar and batteries energy they would have heaps of energy just like every other element of energy. Schools should change.

Here are some things a school can do to be more environmentally friendly: They can go out on trips to plant trees in the forest, plant trees in the yard or even plant a veggie patch. They can recycle and have compost bins around the school.

In conclusion, the world needs to have more people using renewable energy so we have many more generations to come and that everyone gets to have a life and the world isn’t polluted and there is more fresh air and life to come.

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