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carbonTRACK has been named one of the 'most promising and transformative technologies' in green business in a recent article.

We were recently featured in the Real Estate Gazette Series, in an article by Pascal Moussa!

We were thrilled to be named one of three of the most 'promising and transformative' technologies last month as part of the Global Trend: Smart Buildings section of the Real Estate Gazette Series. The article discusses the way technology is disrupted the real estate sector, particularly the impact it has had on eco-friendly features. It also delves into the origins of smart buildings, and the ways in which smart devices are assisting both their users and the environment.

Moussa primarily looks at three of the most innovative platforms that have been developed by PropTechs (property technology) to facilitate sustainability, listing carbonTRACK as one of the top players in 'green business'.

At carbonTRACK, we're incredibly passionate about sustainability and are grateful to be recognized for our green vision and efforts for positive change. 

The following is the relevant selection of text from ‘Global Trend: Smart Buildings,’ published on May 8th by Pascal Moussa. The original article can be found here.

Real Estate Gazette Series Extract:

'Automating air handling can have enormous financial and sustainability benefits for a business, with a study conducted by Facility Executive magazine finding that by simply varying factors such as water flow, pump speed and fan speed in their HVAC system, a 220,000 sq. foot building can save 364,921 gallons of water each year. Larger premises can accrue even greater cost and energy savings, for example, a 500,000 sq. foot data center, with 3,000 tons of cooling power, can save 778, 518 gallons of water each year by ensuring best use of HVAC.'


A related innovation is carbonTRACK. This is an Australian device designed to reduce costs, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by providing facility managers with live "energy usage insights", and enabling them to remotely control (or switch off) electrical appliances from a mobile phone app.

In addition to highlighting areas where energy efficiency improvements can easily be implemented, carbonTRACK also enables users to track the results of recent efficiency upgrades, such as new LED installations in a building, for example.'

Read the full issue of the Real Estate Gazette here.

Sustainbility is important to us. If it's important to you too, consider investing in a technology that's good for the planet and good for your wallet, like carbonTRACK. 

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