Energy resiliency

Energy resiliency is vital for remote communities, especially in emergencies.

  • Households and buildings need to have the ability to become energy islands
  • Neighborhoods need to be able to generate, store and share energy within a microgrid
  • Communities need to become less reliant on the central grid
    and better manage local energy resources
  • The energy grid needs to be upgraded to become adaptable to change 

In the recent Australian bushfires more than 1,900 power poles were destroyed and around 37,000 energy consumers were left without power. Water pumps are predominantly electric, this hindered efforts to extinguish spot fires. Communities scrambled to access petrol generators and in some extreme cases, had to siphon fuel from vehicles to run them.

In California, 800,000 energy consumers had their energy cut off to prevent fires caused by electrical arcing. This also resulted in people not being able to access their own solar generation and stored energy. As communities rebuild, following the fires, it is important to install energy management systems and set up generation and storage systems in a way that ensures resiliency from similar events.

How to become an energy island

Install a generation and storage system, ensure that you have an ‘automatic transfer switch’ (ATS) installed, to have the ability to become an energy island in a power outage event. By disconnecting from the grid – to stop backfeeding – and operating as an energy island, ensures resiliency. You can access locally generated and stored energy. Having a digital load panel also assists with switching off non-essential loads, therefore extending the running time of the system.

Automate your resiliency

To optimize locally generated and stored energy, in the event of a fire or storm, you can use an intelligent energy management system (EMS). It will enable you to automatically become an energy island and eliminate electricity wastage. With personalized pre-set essential and non-essential loads lists, the EMS will immediately switch off non-essential loads in response to an energy event and a grid outage.

carbonTRACK's Battery Maximiser settings

The carbonTRACK platform will enable you to:

  • Disconnect from the grid
  • Remotely monitor and manage energy generation and storage
    (even during a grid & telco outage)
  • Pre-set non-essential loads/circuits to automatically switch off
  • Override and change essential loads/circuits list as required
  • To reconnect to the grid when power is restored

Be more resilient, don’t be left in the dark.

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