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Things to think about when assessing an EMS

With years of experience and research under our belt, we can say with confidence that there are five essential things every home energy management (EMS) system should come equipped with to be considered truly great – and therefore worth your time and money.

For quite some time now, carbonTRACK has been leading the curve for home energy management systems – both in terms of price as well as for technological advancements. You could say that we’re experts at this stuff.

So, we thought we’d make it easy for you. We’ve identified the absolutely essential features that make an energy management system a cost and energy saving investment for your home.

These are the 5 features any energy management system (EMS) worth its salt should have:

1. A good EMS should let you MONITOR your home’s energy consumption – from anywhere

You should be able to log into your EMS’ user interface (usually a web browser or smart phone app) from anywhere and see what devices are one and using energy in your home.

For example: Did you accidentally leave the heating on? Did you forget to turn on the dishwasher? If your EMS can’t tell you this at a glance, then you should keep shopping.

2. A good EMS should let you remotely CONTROL devices in your home

What’s the use of peering into the crystal ball of your EMS if you can’t electronically ‘reach in’ and switch things on and off?

A good platform will let you manually flip switches or set timers to suit your needs anytime you need to – and from anywhere.

3. A good EMS should give you INSIGHTS that help you use energy more effectively

Your EMS should tell you the story of your energy usage in a way that you would not have otherwise been able to work out.

What devices in your home are sucking power on standby when you’re not even home? Are you running your air conditioner or heater more than necessary? Are any older devices in your home accounting for a disproportionately large portion of your energy bills – and may need replacing?

A good EMS should be able to help you answer these questions – and more.

4. A good EMS knows your HABITS – and works around them automatically

A good EMS is not just ‘smart’ – it is ‘intelligent’. Whereas smart devices usually have an internet connection and can be controlled remotely, intelligent devices do much more.

An intelligent EMS can see the bigger picture and learn for itself – picking up on your habits and energy usage patterns, and making suggestions or decisions accordingly.

5. A good EMS seamlessly INTEGRATES with solar and battery storage systems

The ultimate home energy management system will allow you to monitor and manage not only the energy that you use, but also the energy that you generate (and store), in the most cost-effective way possible.

Your EMS should know whether it will save you the most to pull energy from the grid, your batteries, or directly from your solar panels when the sun is shining.

And if you don’t have solar or batteries, your EMS should be able to help you to size up a system that is perfectly well-suited to your needs and budget – after helping you to identify and eliminate inefficiencies within your home.

And guess what? carbonTRACK ticks all these boxes.

We’ve worked hard to develop the best EMS on the market with the greatest value for money.

So, whether you’re tackling high electricity bills, investing in or upgrading your solar or batteries, remember to ask for an energy management system with all the features above.

Find out how carbonTRACK works.

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