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Earlier in the year, we were incredibly excited to be announced as finalists at the The Eco-Logic Awards. Now we’re proud to say that we have received the Silver Award for Energy Efficiency!

carbonTRACK's award

The Eco Logic Awards identify individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world – and encourage consumers to purchase their products and services.

“The Eco-Logic value system is a radically new approach to addressing today’s environmental challenges. It identifies destructive thinking patterns and values that led to today’s environmental conditions, then promotes an alternative set of constructive values and thinking patterns (virtues) that benefit people, the earth and the economy,’” explains Parry-Davies, Director and the motivating force behind The Enviropaedia and Eco-Logic Awards.

The Enviropaedia established the Annual Eco-Logic Awards in 2011. Each year since, the public has been invited to nominate their Eco-Champions, highlighting how they contribute to an ‘Eco-Logically’ sustainable society and environment. There are 13 environmental categories to enter.

The Enviropaedia is an environmental encyclopaedia and networking platform that promotes social and environmental sustainability.

As well as receiving the Silver Award for Energy Efficiency, we also received a Certificate of Merit for Climate Change.

We are thrilled to have been the recipient of these awards, and grateful that our work in energy is contributing to combating climate change and improving energy efficiency in South Africa and globally.

Eco Logic acknowledges organisations that help protect and restore natural resources.


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