Transitioning your home to digital energy with carbonTRACK

Life’s luxuries always come at a cost – air-conditioning, a clean pool, at times even hot water– however, the cost can be minimised with carbonTRACK.

 Home Energy Management with carbonTRACK
carbonTRACK's Smart Gateway helps home occupants gain greater control of their energy use, generation & storage.

On average, electric hot water systems represent up to 30% of a household’s energy bill, it’s like a kettle that keeps on boiling. carbonTRACK’s platform allows users to schedule hot water systems to switch off when they aren’t needed and pre-heat using low tariffs or excess solar energy. Users can also schedule their pool pump to run during low tariff windows.

By using carbonTRACK's Smart Plugs (to remotely control & monitor 'plug-in' appliances) and carbonTRACK's Climate Command controllers (to control split air-cons) users can seamlessly upgrade to a digital energy management ecosystem and significantly reduce the household's energy costs.

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