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What you’ll get

  • Monitor mains consumption (from the grid)
  • Monitor Solar generation, use and export (optional)
  • Alerts and fault diagnosis of your solar system
  • Connect and switch large loads. E.g. pool pump or electric hot water
  • Communication independent of WiFi (over secure telecom networks)
  • 24/7 access to carbonTRACK Dashboard
  • Unlimited Energy Reports
  • Local customer support
  • 2 year warranty

Includes 12 months free subscription* 

 After 12 months, subscription is only $6/month.

Get the Smart Plug Starter Package

Only an extra $179


3 Smart Plugs

Connect and control small appliances.

Here’s what our customers are saying

Richard, VIC

“It has been a pleasurable experience and we look forward to many years of service and support with the carbonTRACK system.”

Gail, QLD

“It’s simple to use and the customer service is excellent.”

Deepa, NSW

“I didn’t understand electricity until carbonTRACK showed me.”

Edward, VIC

“In the first quarter that we had carbonTRACK we reduced our electricity bills from AUD$579 to $164. My last electricity bill was fantastic. So far we can’t fault carbonTRACK at all.”

Jacqui, QLD

“Wonderful customer service – doesn’t matter what questions I asked or when, they are always great.”

Gail, WA

“One of my sisters had solar panels put on and she found out that they weren’t working for 6 months! I got carbonTRACK so that I can always see that my panels are working.”

Vicky, VIC

“Before carbonTRACK we didn’t know what we were producing or using. It was so disappointing and frustrating!”

Ian, NSW

“I use it for my family – to switch on lights for my daughters when they come home so they feel safe. “

Brendan, QLD

“It’s amazing how such a small change can make such a big difference.”