Integrated Inverter & Battery Solution

As a solar or battery distributor, you want an energy management system you can package to create an all-in-one solution. A system that pairs with other devices, extracts data and visualises it in a meaningful way for both you and your customers. carbonTRACK provides distributors with an agnostic energy management solution. The carbonTRACK Energy Management System allows you to connect to PV solar, selected inverters and batteries and displays extracted data on one single interface

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Product Overview

Energy Management System (CT200i)

The CT200i is an energy management system that connects to inverters and batteries, based on the shared communications protocol i.e. RS485, I2C, RS232, MODBUS or CANBUS. The system is also commonly used to monitor AC measurements including grid consumption, solar generation, use and export. It can also monitor DC measurements with the CTDC (optional) or by communicating with inverters.

With the CT200i installed, users can remotely control and switch connected devices, including electrical circuits, from the app. Electrical circuits can be connected to the system via the onboard relays, and third party appliances with ZigBee or ZWave capabilities can wirelessly pair with the CT200i and can all be controlled from the carbonTRACK computer interface or app.

Specification Sheet

CTDC Monitoring Accessories (CTDC)

We offer two types of DC monitoring accessories, one for solar panels (CTDC-HV high voltage) to measure how much DC energy is being produced by the panels, and one for batteries (CTDC-LV low voltage) to measure the amount of DC electricity used to charge and discharge a battery.

The CTDC must be paired with the CT200i system for it to communicate and display the data on the carbonTRACK interface. By capturing both AC and DC data, distributors can determine the efficiency of the panels, inverters and batteries.

Specification Sheet

Software & User Interface

Both customers and distributors will have access to the data via carbonTRACK app and desktop interface. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

Distributors will have a complete fleet view and will be able to drill down details for each installed CT200i system.

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Features Overview

Monitoring & Data

  • Grid AC data
  • Solar AC data: consumption, generation & export data
  • Inverter DC data
  • Battery DC data
  • Battery storage capacity
  • Battery storage charge and discharge cycles

All data captured in real-time and displayed in 15-minute intervals

Control Capabilities

  • Electrical circuit switching
  • ZigBee & ZWave appliance switching*
  • Green circuit to maximise solar use
  • Battery charge and discharge
  • Energy logic to maximise all energy sources
  • Peak demand management
  • Spot trading option

*  Additional ancillary devices are required to activate selected monitoring & control features

Alerts & Efficiency Measures

  • Solar under performance alert
  • Power outage alert
  • Solar panel efficiency
  • Inverter efficiency
  • Battery efficiency

Alerts can be configured to suit the distributor

How It Works

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