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Energy Management icon

Manage and reduce your electricity bill.

  • Monitor your energy consumption anytime, anywhere. Get 24/7 access from your phone, tablet or computer. 
  • High electricity bills will be a thing of the past. Check your bills and set budgets and goals.

Get the details you’re after.

  • Pinpoint days you want more info and dive in deep. You’ll get more than just data. Day summaries give you the insights you need to understand your energy use patterns. You can start living in a more energy-friendly way, which is good for you, your pocket and the planet.
  • You’ll be surprised by when you’re using the most energy, and which appliances are energy vampires. With this knowledge, you will be on the fast track to saving!

Smooth your transition to sustainable living

  • Getting solar or batteries is a big investment. Make sure you know exactly what you need before you make the decision.
  • Measure up your energy use and make an informed decision about the battery or solar system size that will best fit your needs and lifestyle.

Improve your energy efficiency

  • Keep an eye on your energy data to improve your energy efficiency. Easily identify energy efficiency improvements and track the results of efficiency upgrades (such as LED installation).
  • Monitor your energy use remotely and see all of your energy data in one place, no matter how many units you have installed.

Feel what its like to be in control.

Smart solar icon

See your Solar

  • See how much energy your solar panels are producing, how much you’re using and how much you’re sending back to the grid. 

Harness the power of the sun

  • Don’t let the power you produce go to waste. If you notice you’re producing more than you’re using, make the most of it by switching on one of your connected appliances or, if you have batteries, save it to use later. You’ll never waste another kilowatt! Find out how here.
  • Size up for a battery system that perfectly matches your energy production and use patterns.

Catch every ray!

  • carbonTRACK works with every PV solar system, and goes the extra mile by alerting you if something’s up. You can relax knowing that your solar system is working at its best for you at all times.
  • Get alerts when its time for a maintenance service of your PV solar system. carbonTRACK monitors your solar so you get most from your investment.

Track your solar savings

  • Take the guesswork out of the return on your solar investment. See how much your solar has saved you in electricity bills each month.
  • Cross-check your bills from the energy supplier. Run a report to check whether you’ve been paid correctly for your solar export – carbonTRACK lifts the curtain on energy mysteries.

Make every day a little sunnier!

battery icon

Power, when you need it.

  • Monitor the energy you have stored in your battery system so you’re never left short again. When the power’s out, your lights stay on.

Get more from your solar.

  • Stop selling your excess solar to the grid for a fraction of what it’s worth. Charge your battery and save it for a rainy day, or to use in the evening.

Your gateway to the energy trading market

  • Store power from the grid or your solar to sell back* when energy prices are high. You’ll pay back your investment faster.
  • Recharge from the cheapest source – from the grid when prices are low, or from your solar when you’re generating excess. You can let carbonTRACK take care of it all, or you can manage it yourself. Choose what works for you.

Off-Grid Confidence

  • Whether you’ve made the leap, or you’re sizing it up, carbonTRACK gives you the assurance you need to thrive on or off-the-grid.
  • Receive alerts when something’s up to save time and money on repairs. This way, you can trust the system you rely on.


*Only available with some energy retailers.

You’ll always be prepared.

Hot water temperature monitoring icon

Save money.

  • Solar water heating systems almost always require a backup system for cloudy days and times of increased demand. However, most hot water systems use energy from the grid pretty much constantly to keep the water at the optimal temperature.
  • With carbonTRACK, your hot water system will draw from the best energy source available to heat up your water. That means it will only use energy from the grid if it can tell it’s a cloudy day and your solar won’t generate enough energy to get your water nice and hot.

Protect your investment.

  • Anti-freeze and anti-heat technology protects your thermal panels. When it notices your panels are too cold or too hot (below -5*C or above 60*C) carbonTRACK will turn on your pump to circulate warm water through the system to protect it and stop the pipes from bursting.
  • Care for your system while you’re on holidays. When you leave for a day or more, you can switch your hot water system onto “Holiday Mode” to save power. carbonTRACK will keep monitoring the temperature of your panels, this way, you’re looking after your system and saving power.

Detect leaks and prevent damage

  • Receive an alert if there is a leak or damage to your system. This lets you minimize the time and cost to fix problems and avoid collateral damage.

Make it hot when you need it.

Superior reliability.

We’ve all experienced dodgy wifi. It cuts in and out, always when you need it. That’s why carbonTRACK communicates over secure, telecom networks.

Get total peace of mind knowing that you’ll always be connected.

The future is now.

More flexibility, more convenience and more control than you’ve ever imagined. carbonTRACK puts the control back in your hands.

smart home

Your house on autopilot.

Create different schedules to start every morning smoothly, power down while you’re at work, and create the illusion that you’re home when you’re actually on holidays!

Experience the Difference.

Total control. Anytime. Anywhere.

carbonTRACK gives you a future of smart living.

You don’t know what you’re missing out on.