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Create true customer loyalty

Customers don’t want to switch energy suppliers every 6 months, but they are morely likely to move on when they feel like the service isn’t up to scratch and that they can get a better deal somewhere else. carbonTRACK gives you three key ingredients to build strong and lasting customer relationships.

Build Trust

Most people don’t really understand how electricity works. Because of this, they can easily feel as if they’re being overcharged when their quarterly bill arrives.

carbonTRACK provides regular, fortnightly power updates to users, so they can keep track of the energy they’re consuming. This transparency greatly reduces the chance of bill shock, and helps your customers reduce their energy consumption over time.

Lower consumption equals lower bills and happy customers.  

Create Engagement.

You probably only email your customers when they have a bill, and talk to your customers when there’s a problem.

With the data you receive from carbonTRACK, you can identify ways they can save more energy and deliver tailored tips they can use to reduce their energy consumption.  

This gives your customers positive, memorable experiences and they will become more engaged.

Deliver Ongoing Value.

As new technologies become available, you can offer to your customers new and improved ways to manage their electricity and their home.

Products such as the carbonTRACK Smart Plug are just the beginning of the home automation and energy management revolution that carbonTRACK can offer your customers. 

Faster and better customer service

What if you knew about a problem with a customer’s electricity or solar and you could respond before they even knew about it? carbonTRACK lets you keep a close eye on all of your connected customers so you can increase the value you deliver your customers.

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