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Become a carbonTRACK Energy Efficiency Consultant. 

Easily manage one company with multiple sites

  • See all of your energy data in one place, no matter how many sites you’re overseeing. The carbonTRACK dashboard lets you see energy information for sites individually, or combined.  
  • Track and compare company-wide energy efficiency efforts. You can see how one site is performing against another and easily test energy saving initiatives on one site before rolling them out across the board.
Smart Home & IoT

Seeing is believing

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to convince building manages of the benefits of upgrading lighting or other appliances in buildings. Put data behind your recommendations. carbonTRACK gives you the precise evidence you need to justify your energy saving suggestions.
  • Predict then track financial savings of efficiency improvements. Produce regular, detailed energy reports on a site at the touch of a button to send to highlight energy savings.

Get the details you need without the cost

  • Make energy auditing accessible to smaller businesses looking to manage and improve their efficiency. Quickly and easily pinpoint energy efficiency upgrades that will save your customers.
  • Create a detailed analysis of a facility and a breakdown of the energy use to quickly identify and correct defects for lower energy consumption. carbonTRACK provides the advanced on-site measurements and sophisticated tools you need to evaluate and precisely select energy saving retrofits. And all this is available at a fraction of the cost of commonly used building energy management systems.

Take your customer support to the next level 

  • Create a roadmap for energy efficiency improvements for your clients and see how they’re tracking, remotely, at any time.
  • No need to wait for energy billing information from clients. You’ll have clear vision on what’s happening at all times.
  • Provide tailored tips for clients to improve their efficiency between audits to help them feel supported, engaged and on track with their goals.

Work with clients to explore off-grid potential 

  • More and more companies are considering the value of becoming their own energy suppliers. carbonTRACK provides useful insights for determining the best solar and battery capacity to meet energy consumption needs. Give your customers the confidence they need to take the off-grid leap

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