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Turn your properties into intelligent homes

Improve the building’s energy efficiency and, at the same time, prepare it for the Internet of Things and smart home automation.

Energy management for home owners and tenants is a unique selling point. With carbonTRACK, your customers can easily control and manage their home and appliances from their phones.

With a carbonTRACK commercial energy management system, property managers can manage portfolios remotely and reduce service costs with predictive and pre-emptive maintenance.

Your customers want the latest technology

of housing consumers would like information on the energy efficiency of homes as part of sale and lease processes

said that an energy-efficient home would be more attractive to buy or rent

would be willing to pay for energy-efficiency information before sale

Control a home from the touch of a phone

carbonTRACK connects homes to the future of comfort and smarter living.
The appliances within a home can connect and communicate through carbonTRACK’s smart home platform. Home owners can connect and control smart appliances with the carbonTRACK app for better living, maximum energy efficiency and energy conservation.
carbonTRACK’s energy management hub makes this happen.

smart home connections

Maximize a building’s ongoing energy efficiency performance

Resources for Builders

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