Intelligent energy management

SEE how much electricity you use, generate and export 

SWITCH connected appliances on and off remotely

SAVE up to 30% off household electricity bills

Your energy journey starts here.

carbonTRACK adds value every step of the way. From insights into your energy profile, right through to complete energy management and automation.


Go beyond monitoring



Make standard solar smart. Maximise on performance and see more savings.



Reduce your electricity bills by simply managing your electricity.



Prepare for the future of smart living. Connect and control appliances.

Access meaningful insights about your energy profile.

carbonTRACK goes beyond energy monitoring to give you personalised energy insights.

We help you to understand when you generate the most solar electricity, where you use it and how to reduce your use of grid electricity.


Make your standard solar,  smart.

With standard solar you can’t see how much solar power you make, use or sell – and you can’t control what you can’t see.

carbonTRACK draws back the curtain to show you how much energy you produce, use and sell. With carbonTRACK, you know that your solar is working and is saving you money.

Your gateway to automation starts here.

Your home or business constantly use energy, even when you are not there.

It’s time to take control of your electricity. 

Connect your carbonTRACK hub to your large electrical loads and energy hungry appliances to control their energy use remotely.

You can configure carbonTRACK to suit your lifestyle or business, and easily make changes from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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